How to style a black cape

black cape noire comptoir des cotonniers

Do you already own a cape? Is it practicable? Is it worth buying? How should it be styled? You will know everything you need about capes after having read this post.

I read in the German Glamour of January that capes are now totally in. I think that this trend is not really new. A good friend of mine was already wearing a cape in spring 2013. But German magazines are sometimes a little bit late when it comes to fashion trends… Anyway, seeing this page gave me the idea to try this trend and reminded me of the cape I saw in a Comptoir des Cotonniers store in New York last fall. I searched for it online and found it…on sale! Three clicks and a couple of days later, I received it at home.

Is a cape really worth buying?

A cape is not a must-have and it is not the first coat I would recommend buying for your business wardrobe. But if you already have some classic coats in your closet, you may like to get something new.

Like I just wrote, a cape is not a must-have and I did not really need it at the beginning of the season. So no point for me to pay the full price, I have been waiting for sales. It is a classic piece that I will not wear every day, but when I’m looking for something special in my wardrobe, and when I am in the mood for following the rules of the cape-look, I will be happy to have it.

The shape is original enough, that is why I chose a basic neutral color: black. I wanted a cape with structure, and very elegant. It has something of a trench coat. The hood can be removed for a different look. It also offers a lot of styling possibilities. For that reason, I think a cape is totally worth buying if you choose it well.

How to wear a black cape?glamour_janvier_2015_capes

Of course, I did my research! Those are the tips you’ll find in every blog post or video about capes.

  • You have to wear your cape with skinny jeans or short skirt or pants.
  • You can choose heels, over knee boots (with heels or flat) or sneakers, depending on the look you want to achieve with your cape. But if you are « petite » I would recommend heels.
  • You cannot go for a shopper or every bag you usually wear on your shoulder because it would look ugly under your cape. Go for a clutch, a handbag or a shoulder bag with a long strap.
  • Some long gloves are the ideal accessory for a cape. Especially if do not want to freeze.

That’s a lot of rules, but the reward will be a fresh look, that has not been seen that much on the street yet.

How does a black cape look like in real life?

Check out this outfit post featuring my black cape to get this question answered. It is an office-appropriate outfit. 


Depuis le début de ma carrière dans le droit et le e-commerce, je saisis toutes les occasions de me développer professionnellement sans délaisser mon goût pour la mode et le style. Mon dressing est un mélange de basiques intemporels, de grands classiques du vestiaire professionnel, et de pièces extravagantes à la pointe des dernières tendances.


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