Working through summer : how to get that holiday feeling

sonne_endlich_summerIf you are working a full-time job in an office having only a few weeks holiday per year, you may spend most of the summertime at your desk. Here are my 5 tips to get that summer holiday feeling even if you’re stuck in the city.

#1 Try out some new places to lunch


Take your favorite colleague to lunch outside the office and try out some new spots! If you sit on a terrace, don’t forget the sunglasses and the sun cream. I would recommend staying under an umbrella or to sit inside. You don’t want to sweat or get a sunburn over lunch, right? And don’t forget to drink a lot (of water). 

If available, order meals with seasonal components. Forget about burgers and pizzas. Try some fresh salads with fruits in it, it’s delicious!

#2 Wear colorful and light clothes (but stay professional)


It’s time to let your dresses and skirt which are a little bit too short wait for the « tights time » to come back. Choose items in cotton which reach the knees, so that you can sit and be at ease in every situation.

Mind your tops : it’s whether classy nor office appropriate if one can see your bra straps. Make sure the fabric won’t let you sweat as hell as soon as you leave the air conditioned rooms.

Where I work it’s ok to wear sandals. If it’s also the case for you, go for sandals in leather with great finitions and let your thongs at home.

#3 Bring your lunch and eat it in the park



If you’re lucky enough to have a park around your workplace, here’s my ultimate tip : manage to have a pique-nique bag around at your desk in the summer months. You need the following : a blanket, thongs, water. Your colleagues will be happy to go and eat with you in the park, even more if you are so organized that you have a blanket that you can share with them. While at the park, change shoes and enjoy the sun on your legs while your head stays under a tree for some shadow. 

#4 Eat a lot of ice cream

stockvault-ice-cream-candy119597I guess I don’t have to explain this one. If you go for lunch, then buy an ice cream for the way back or bring some ice cream to work and put it in the freezer. Your colleagues will be really grateful if you offer to share some ice cream on a really hot day.

#5 Start earlier, go sooner

If your working hours are flexible, try to go to work one hour earlier as in the winter time. Waking up shouldn’t be a problem as the sun is already going up at 6am. So you can also go one hour earlier and enjoy the sun with your family and friends, far away from work!

Share your tips to get that summer holiday feeling at work in the comments!


Depuis le début de ma carrière dans le droit et le e-commerce, je saisis toutes les occasions de me développer professionnellement sans délaisser mon goût pour la mode et le style. Mon dressing est un mélange de basiques intemporels, de grands classiques du vestiaire professionnel, et de pièces extravagantes à la pointe des dernières tendances.


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