3 modern ways to style a bright red lace top to work

bright-red-lace-top-teaser-three-outfitsFollowing my last post on how to wear the lace trend at the workplace, I decided to upgrade the challenge by picking up a bright red lace top and styling it 3 different office appropriate ways. I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen those outfits before! I hope they will inspire you. Enjoy!

Style your red lace top

#1 classic chic

This style is perfect for that annual meeting with your boss and some big customers.  Wear a blazer during the meeting and take it off for the business lunch. The shoes and the skirt are very classic, if you add a blazer then it looks like a suit. The red lace top brings the feminine touch in the outfit and highlights the special occasion. The pearls are the right jewels for this outfit. Classic, elegant, business-like. 

Skirt 1,2,3 Paris; blue lace top Sinequanone

details-vertical-elegantzoom-details-jupe-perlesteaser_dentelle_classicdentelle-zoom-mal-anders zoom-back-lace-red

#2 tequila sunrise

This one is a good mood outfit for hot summer days spent at work. It is office appropriate because of the length of the skirt. I’m wearing an orange bra in the same color as the skirt, and it also happens to tend to match the color of my skin. The transparency effect is really unostentatious. I feel comfortable wearing this exactly like that to work. When in doubt, go for a nude tank top under the lace top. 

Skirt Sinequanone; Watch Louis Pion

details-vertical-accessdetails_dentelle_rouge portrait_dentelle_rougecute-back-orange zoom_uturn_dentelle_rouge

#3 fall vibes

This is gonna be a masculine-feminine style like we love to wear them to work. It is nearly a pre-fall outfit. The checks in wine red build a great contrast to the bright red of the top. Of course, you could also go for jeans or a black leather leggings, but I think the checks pants gives the outfit its special, business like touch. Pair these pants with masculine shoes to accentuate this effect. The mix masculine-feminine is present in the choice of accessories too, as I mixed a classic pearl bracelet with a masculine watch. I would wear this outfit for a normal day at work. 

Pants Uniqlo

dentelle-details-vertical dentelle_details-prefall dentelle_pantalon_entierzoom_pantalon_dentelle

Find your red lace top

You are probably wondering where I found such a cute lace top, right? If you do not live in France, or in Lyon, this won’t be good news for you. If you do, you have to go 10 Rue Romarin in the 1er arrondissement to discover the shop Les poupées. The owner creates every single piece of clothing available in the shop. There is an online shop too, but most of the items are only available at the store. The dresses is particular are breathtaking.

PS: I browsed through the internet, looking for shopping tips and links for you but have to admit that it’s really not that easy to find some nice red lace tops and blouses online at the moment. Maybe the trend will com back around Christmas.

If you intend to wear your red lace top to work, I recommend you to choose a simple cut, not showing too much skin. The color, the lace, and the light transparency are enough catching characteristics. No need to add some extra features like a low cut. If a red top is too much of lace for you, you can have a look at my post about how to wear the lace trend to work. You’ll find other inspirational ideas to make this trend yours and feel comfortable wearing it at the workplace. 


bright-red-lace-top-teaser-three-outfitsNow it’s your turn: tell me in the comment which outfit is your favorite! Which one could you wear to work? 




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