Hors-Normcore (outfit post)

details_normcore_top_deadlines_dressesA simple outfit for a normal day at the office. A good look for transitioning from winter to spring because of the light colors. Business-like because of the white blouse and the trench coat. Casual enough for a non-dress-code company thanks to the jeans and the boots. Easy to updress with suit trousers and pumps instead. Discreet enough because of the muted colors and unpretentious materials. Normcore?

I’m usually wearing outfits with unusual details or fancy colors. I always try to add a personal touch to my outfits. But sometimes still, I like wearing something simple. I noticed that a simple outfit let me look more approchable. It becomes easier to get in touch with people and have some small talk.

Normcore wearers are people who do not wish to distinguish themselves from others by their clothing.*


Even if the real « normcore » style implies wearing items that should’nt be worn to the office (see the first picture in this article), part of the normcore philosophy can be helpful while putting together an office outfit.

Normcore to the office

When you wear a simple outfit, people can relate to what you wear and the way you look and feel more comfortable in your presence. At work, the attention of your co-workers is not distracted from work topics and you do not take the risk to be reduced to your appearance. You look good, polished and professional, but there is nothing more to say about it.

Simplicity : that’s what I want for my hairstyle too. On the pictures I rock the easiest hairstyle that I can achieve. But I guess this hairstyle makes the whole outfit look hors-norme (core).

Enjoy the pictures and have a good start in the week!









* read more about the « normcore » trend

Trench Zara (similar here)

Blouse Sinequanone

Boots Minelli

Belt Monoprix



Depuis le début de ma carrière dans le droit et le e-commerce, je saisis toutes les occasions de me développer professionnellement sans délaisser mon goût pour la mode et le style. Mon dressing est un mélange de basiques intemporels, de grands classiques du vestiaire professionnel, et de pièces extravagantes à la pointe des dernières tendances.

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