Impostor syndrome ? « Fake it until you make it »

impostor syndrome fake furStarting a new job or taking the lead on a project or a team for the first time can be overwhelming. But what if you think that you are not qualified enough and that people are going to find that out? Maybe you’re suffering under the so-called impostor syndrome. Read some tips on getting rid of the impostor syndrome and facing new challenges with self-confidence.

Fighting against the impostor syndrome

fake-fur-pensiveAlready heard about the impostor syndrome? It is when someone thinks they lack the skills and intelligence people around them perceive them to have, and they are afraid to be « found out ». A lot of women suffer from it. That may be a reason why generally women won’t apply for a job if they don’t meet 100% of the requirements listed in the job offer when men will apply if they meet only half of it. Should they get promoted or get the responsibility of a new project, people suffering from impostor syndrome will have the feeling they won’t make it, they are not smart and experienced enough, and that people (their boss) will find out and fire them. That’s basically a lack of self-confidence and has nothing to do with their existing skills. 

It is normal to feel a little bit anxious before facing a new challenge. But why not using this fear as motivation instead of letting it hold you back from reaching your goals? There’s always a reason why you got the opportunity to face a new challenge. People who gave you that chance saw something in you that you may not even be aware of, but you should just trust that and go on! 

Facing new challenges with self-confidence

fake-fur-checks-redProfessional life is often about personal branding. As you just get one chance to make a good impression, when starting a new job, don’t focus on what you think you could do better, or what you haven’t done yet. Just be self-confident and concentrate on the reasons why you got the position.

Then, once you’ve achieved great results, keep track on it to be able to remember them when you doubt yourself. Reminding yourself of your successes will help you strengthen your self-confidence and face the next challenge.

If you find what you are good at and focus on what you want to do, working hard to build a valuable expertise in this field, you won’t have to fake anything in the end. 

The coat might be fake, but your skills are not

fake-fur-entierI love the fake fur trend this season. I think this trend is workplace appropriate as far as you can take it off as you enter the office 😉 But I like it the most on weekends, with leather leggings for a shopping tour in the city or paired with a simple black dress for a night out.

You’re kindly invited to share your thoughts about the impostor syndrome in the comments. 

fake-fur-bags fake-fur-magic fake-fur-portrait fake-fur-shopping shopping-fake-fur


Depuis le début de ma carrière dans le droit et le e-commerce, je saisis toutes les occasions de me développer professionnellement sans délaisser mon goût pour la mode et le style. Mon dressing est un mélange de basiques intemporels, de grands classiques du vestiaire professionnel, et de pièces extravagantes à la pointe des dernières tendances.

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